About Elevated Selection


The founder of Elevated Selection, Davinelle Fields, is currently an active-duty member of the United States Air Force. Over the years, Davinelle has continued to have a love for being stylish in any setting, and the love was even more exemplified during his five (5) years serving in Europe. Davinelle has a huge love for travel, so being in Europe enabled him to take advantage of multiple opportunities to travel to beaches during Europe's summers, of course, with sunglasses needed. 

After talking with a great friend CJ, he thought of starting his own brand and that is how Elevated Selection, came to fruition in 2019. He believes all things should be stylish, of high-quality, but affordable to each and everyone. This is also a reason for the addition of watches, so men and women can elegantly show up in any element and stand out. "I do not like wearing much jewelry, but a nice watch is something that cannot be denied." 

The logo of the "cursive 'E'" with the crown comes about with the meaning of elegance and king/queen like status.

We see you King! You are a Queen!






Our mission at Elevated Selection is to create a unique, quality and fashionable brand accessible to all consumers. We want to cut out the middleman and allow individuals to purchase quality, beautiful and exquisite sunglasses, watches and attire, without having to break the bank. 


We want the whole world wearing Elevated Selection. Every hard working man and woman deserves to be apart of a brand that elevates their personal style and arms them with confidence in every situation. We firmly believe that our brand is a symbol for luxury. Live, feel and walk confidently, with luxuries of Elevated Selection supporting you.